I am inspired by landscapes as a vehicle for self-expression. As a New York City based artist, painting different forms of nature helps me temporarily escape Manhattan’s concrete jungle. My interpretations and perceptions often lead to an end result that appears quiet and inviting, although at times my art invokes something unexpected. The subject of my work is often where the land and water meet reflecting my love of the ocean and the lives in and around it. I want to capture the energy from the natural world, especially the powerful force of water. I explore ways of representing it through different forms of abstraction and representation. I think of my abstract expressive landscapes as visual journeys. They evolve on the canvas, and the focus of my work gradually comes into view. Above all, I strive to achieve emotionally charged experiences that are a metaphor for what I’ve encountered.

The colorful patterns in my geometric body of work offer a visual representation of my deeply rooted belief that all people are universally connected. My process involves starting with simple geometric forms that collide and interlace. The resulting shapes symbolize the diversity of all people who can function together harmoniously with a little thoughtfulness.

I am a New York City based artist and a current artist-in-residence at Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. I study at the Art Students League of New York and exhibit my work frequently in New York City. My paintings reside in private collections in the USA, UK, Hong Kong and Brazil.

All works ©Benna Holden